Electric guitar and bass Ashton TR381.

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  • Date of renovation directory: 16.02.19


    Ashton TR381.

    Electric Ashton TR381
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    Specifications guitar
    Type electric guitar
    Bore 25.5 "
    Number of strings 6
    Type of fastening neck bolcheny
    Hull form electric superstrat
    Housing Material linden
    Type of bridge tremolo
    Material fingerboard maple Fingerboard: Rosewood
    Saddle clamp yes
    Locking Tuners yes
    Number of frets 24
    Size frets jumbo
    Inlay as points
    Scheme pickups HSS
    Manufacturer pickups Wilkinson
    Volume control 2
    Tone controls 1
    Available colors black
    Hardware color chrome

    Average retail price: 12116.00 USD

    Product description and specifications are based on information sites of manufacturers. Supplied specifications and appearance electric Ashton TR381 are subject to change without notice.

    Before purchasing an electric Ashton TR381 ask all your options, equipment, appearance and warranty from the seller. Please note that we are not engaged in the sale and manufacture warranty.


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