Overview of the major manufacturers of electric guitars and basses.

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    Electric guitar and bass guitar.

    Yamaha electric guitars

    Electric guitar - kind of electric guitar with pickups that convert vibrations of metal strings into electric current oscillations. The signal from the pickup can be processed to produce different sound effects and then amplified for playback through the speakers. The word originated from electric phrase "electric guitar."

    Electric usually made of wood. The most common materials - alder, ash, mahogany (mahogany), maple. As linings used rosewood fingerboard, ebony and maple.

    Six-string electric guitars are most common. Classic system is similar to building a six-string guitar acoustic guitar: E A D E B salt (EADGBE). Is often used system «dropped D», in which the lower strings are tuned in D (D) and a lower setting (Drop C, Drop B), which are mainly used by guitarists metal and alternative music.

    Fender Electric Guitars

    In the seven-string electric guitar often an additional bottom string tuned to B (B). Vosmistrunnaya guitar - electric guitar with an additional 7 and 8 strings for extreme heavy metal music. First is custom made and used by the Swedish metal band Meshuggah. Thanks to the popularity of this group, for fans of this music first production 8-string guitar, Ibanez 2228.

    Typical, the most popular and one of the oldest models of electric guitars are Telecaster (released in 1951) and the Stratocaster (1954) of Fender, as well as Les Paul (1952) of Gibson. These guitars are considered the reference and have a lot of copies and imitations that are manufactured by other companies.

    Many of today's large companies producing musical instruments at the beginning of its activities produced only copies of popular models of Fender and Gibson. However, subsequently such firms as Rickenbacker, Ibanez, MusicMan, Jackson, Yamaha, Hamer (Eng.), BC Rich, ESP, Schecter and others released their own lineups tools that have become very popular in the world.

    Ibanez electric guitar


    Combo (amp) - amp and speaker mounted in a single housing. The main element of the creation of the guitar sound. The amplifier can be built with tubes (tube) or semiconductors (transistor or integrated circuit).

    Effects Pedal (lotion) - a device that interprets sound of the guitar. Usually one device implements one type of effect, at least - two or more. The most well-known effects:

    1. Drive - a mild gain in music - used in the blues.
    2. Overdrive - the sound of a tube amp modeling with congested entrance.
    3. Distortion - Hard distortion effect used in rock music in all its directions.
    4. CHORUS - sound effect or the appropriate device. Simulates the choral sound of musical instruments. The effect is implemented by adding to the original signal his own copy or copies shifted in time by the order of 20-30 milliseconds, and the time shift varies continuously.


    Guitar processor - a device that interprets guitar sound using digital algorithms. Implements several types of effects with the possibility of combining them.

    Guitar pick - a thin plate with a pointed end, designed to bring to a state of vibrating strings of the guitar. In contrast to classical and acoustic guitar technique guitar playing dominated by the use of a mediator.



    Electric Yamaha Pacifica112J
    Yamaha Pacifica112J

    Electric Cruiser ST-200
    Cruiser ST-200

    Electric Epiphone ES-339
    Epiphone ES-339

    Electric Burny RLG-55
    Burny RLG-55

    Electric Ashton TR381
    Ashton TR381

    Electric Guitar Schecter C-1
    Schecter C-1

    Electric guitar Fender Stratocaster Blacktop RW
    Fender Stratocaster Blacktop RW

    Gibson Explorer Electric Guitar
    Gibson Explorer

    Electric Ibanez GRG170DX
    Ibanez GRG170DX

    Electric Zombie EDG-45
    Zombie EDG-45

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